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In the year 1804 in Palanga there was a Primary School with teaching German as a foreign language. Later, the Society established Russian Pro-gymnasium in 1886. In the late 19th century-in the early 20th century, there were also primary schools called Folk schools, which the children of poor parents could attend them. As mentioned, such a well-arranged school was intended for boys, located in Priest Viksva‘s House on Ronžės Street, while another school for girls was in the same House. Orphans had a shelter in Palanga.

After the restoration of Independence of Lithuania, in 1921 Lithuanian Primary School was established offering primary education and in 1922, with the care of the intelligentsia of Palanga, a Lithuanian Secondary School was established offering secondary education. Stasė Vaineikienė, a famous educator and writer became the first School‘s Principal. Both primary and secondary schools functioned in the premises of the former Russian Gymnasium on Vytauto Street, called the School Palace.

There is little known about the period of primary schools from 1921 to 1937. Pupils actively participated in city festivals, as illustrated by photos published in the book "Palanga-Image Album" in 1936 and by the memories of former students.

On May 10, 1938 the fire ensuing in Palanga destroyed many buildings. The School House burnt down as well. Secondary School was based in the County board building on Vasario 16 – osios Street and Primary School was based in the cramped summerhouse rooms. Two sections of the school didn‘t function for a while because of lack of space.

After the fire, the construction of a new Primary School was quickly started on Kretingos Street. Similarly, it was widely written about that event in the newspaper acticle "Lietuvos vakarai" dated September 24, 1938 " What will the new Palace of Palanga Primary school look like?" The New School was opened on December 15, 1938. Initially, only the first floor of the school was functioning, and later the remaining floors with arranged classes, were finally prepared for teaching function. The opening of the School was very solemn. Jonas Šliūpas, the town Burmester also participated in the opening ceremony. In June, 1940 Lithuania was occupied by the Red Army. Military operations led to widespread arrests and deportations.

After World War II, the School was called Palanga Lithuanian Primary School. The Head of the school was Jonas Verseckas, and later Bronė Zaleckienė.

On September 1, 1950 Palanga Lithuanian Primary School was connected to the Secondary School, which at that time functioned in the building near the River Rąžės, Pionierių Street 6, on the current Vasario 16 - osios Street (where later, Russian School was established). From 1950-1960 Liudas Benediktavičius worked as Secondary School‘s Principal.

After a new Secondary School building construction on Jūratės Street, Palanga City School Network was reorganized in 1961. Palanga Eight-year Basic School with an extended working day was established in the former Primary School building. Secondary School started functioning in a new building on Jūratės Street and Russian Eight-year Basic School was established on Vasario 16 - osios Street. Another building, constructed in 1977, was attached to Eight-year School and the school was reorganized into Palanga Secondary School No 2.

With the opening of Secondary School No 2, all the pupils of Palanga started learning in one shift. Principal of that School was K. Gerulis. Another building, constructed in 1985, was attached to school with the purpose to teach Motoring to final-year students so that they were able to learn the basics of car‘s maintenance and operation in order to obtain Driver's License. In 1985 the cabinet system was established and 33 training classes were installed. From September 1, 1986, instead of 11th grade secondary education, 12th grade secondary education was imposed.School released 32 matriculants‘graduations.

In 1997, the School was named after Vladas Jurgutis who was a Lithuanian Priest, Professor of Economics, Member of the Catholic youth and student organization Ateitis and Organizer of the Bank of Lithuania. Vladas Jurgutis was born on November 5, 1885 in Palanga. After leaving Palanga Progymnasium, he studied in the Theological Priest Seminary in Kaunas from 1902-1906. After graduation, he continued his studies at the Imperial Roman Catholic Theological Academy from 1906-1910 where he gained a Master's Degree in Theology. At a later date, he graduated from the University of Munich in Germany with a specialization in Economics. From 1920-1922 Vl. Jurgutis was a Member of the Constituent Seimas and headed the Finance Committee. In 1922 Vl. Jurgutis was appointed to be the Governor of the Bank of Lithuania and he is unofficially considered to become the "Father" of the Lithuanian litas. He served in this position until 1929. From 1925-1940, he taught at the University of Kaunas and from 1940 at the University of Vilnius. During the period from 1940-1943 and 1945-1946, Vladas Jurgutis was a Professor at Vilnius University. From 1941-1943 he was President of the Lithuanian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Vilnius. For the period from 1943-1944 he was arrested and deported to the Stutthof concentration camp by the Nazi authorities. Vladas Jurgutis published the following influential scientific works on "Principles of Public Finance" (1938), "Money" (1938), "Banking" (1940). Vladas Jurgutis died on January 9, 1966 and he was buried in Palanga Semetery.

In December, 2008 the School celebrated its 70th anniversary.

In December, 2018 the School celebrated its 80th anniversary.

From September 1, 2009 the school was reorganized into Palanga Vladas Jurgutis Basic School.

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